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Meet Assistant Director Taylor Griffin


Taylor hard at work as Program Director

Taylor has been part of the Camp Unalayee community for more than half his life, first hiking up from Scott Mtn. Summit to Mosquito Basin when he was 11 years old. Every summer since, he has strapped on his hiking boots and made the journey up to Camp Unalayee as a camper, C.I.T., Counselor, Program Director, “Camp Unalayee Enthusiast who drove ten hours each way to spend less than a day up at camp before he had to be back at work on Monday”,  and most recently in 2016 as the Assistant Camp Director.

After growing up in Marin County, Taylor received his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from The University of Puget Sound. Post graduation, an internship led to a position as a Teaching Artist at the Seattle Children’s Theatre where he taught acting and improv to kids of all ages. Soon a sense of adventure drove Taylor East to New York City where he lived for two years before returning to his home state of California, joining the Camp Unalayee team. As Assistant Director he is lucky enough to support giving youth the opportunity to live, learn, and grow in the amazing Trinity Wilderness in hopes that the experience will change their lives as it did his own many years ago.

Taylor on the Trail

Taylor on the Trail as a Unalayee Counselor

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