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Meet Board of Directors Member Steve Thomas

Steve ThomasSteve has been a Camp Unalayee member since 1995. His spouse, Troll (Kathryn) Henderson (also a Board Member and Camp Doctor), introduced their family in 1995 when their son, Owen, turned 10. Troll and Steve have served as volunteer staff every year since then. Owen and their daughters, Nora and Gwyneth, have all been official campers over many years. Nora and especially Gwyn have been official counselors as well. Steve sometimes shares the camp “Nurse” duties with Troll but mostly donates his time as a work crew/maintenance volunteer each summer. Steve joined the Camp Unalayee Board of Directors in 2012 and brings an eye for detail and medical expertise to our Board.

Steve is an Osteopathic General Practitioner with 10 years of Emergency Medicine experience and 30+ years of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine practice. He has a private practice with three other partners who all specialize in “hands-on” treatment of musculoskeletal problems. Troll and he settled in Ashland, Oregon in 1983 to work and raise their family.  

Steve looks forward to many more years of being a member of the CampU family and being part of the summer camp for kids magic.

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