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Meet Board of Directors Vice President Vanessa Ohta

Vanessa Ohta

Vanessa Backpacking at Unalayee

Vanessa began attending Camp Unalayee as an infant.  Her parents were both staff members and her uncles and aunts all proceeded her as a Unalayee campers. She was a camper every summer from 1998 through 2005, and was on staff several summers since 2006. Vanessa joined the Camp Unalayee board of Directors in 2013 and now serves as the chair of the Fund Development Committee – strategizing to ensure the sustainability of Camp Unalayee, so that future youth will also be able to benefit from the unique and transformative experience of spending time in the wilderness in the supportive camp community.

Unalayee Board Hard at Work

Vanessa Hard at Work at a Board Meeting

Vanessa received her Bachelor of Arts in Economics and American studies from Columbia University in New York, where she then worked as the Program Coordinator for their Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences Program for three years. She recently moved back to California and is now a Research Fellow at Stanford Law School, where she focuses on economics and law research.

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