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Meet Camp Doctor and Board Member Troll Henderson

Troll and Nora at Mosquito Lake

Troll and her daughter Nora at our lake

Officially speaking, Kathryn Henderson (known as Troll by the Unalayee community and friends) is one of our wonderful Camp doctors. However she might be more appropriately titled something like Tie-Dye Queen or Camp Photographer. That’s because, while Troll miraculously finds time in her schedule as an ER doc to serve as Camp Doctor for one or two sessions, she adds so much more to our program than just her prodigious medical skills.

Troll first came to Unalayee in 1963 as a ten year-old camper. She loved it and came back the next seven years as a camper and then counselor-in-training. She then went on to be a counselor for three years. After this she took a hiatus to raise a family. In 1996, when her first child, Owen, turned ten, she realized that his development would not be complete without Unalayee and so she, and Owen, returned to Camp.

Troll Sweat Meadow JapaneseDuring her hiatus, Troll attended Michigan State University where she received her D.O. at the College of Osteopathic Medicine. Since 1983, she has practiced emergency room medicine throughout northern California and southern Oregon. She currently works in the Ashland Community Hospital emergency room.

Since returning to Unalayee in 1996, Troll hasn’t missed a summer. Her husband Steve also volunteers his time for us every summer and all three of her children have been campers at Unalayee with two of them going on to become counselors. The Hendersons are another of the great multi-generational Unalayee families we are so lucky to have in our community.

Tie Die Troll

Troll works her Tie Die Magic!

As I mentioned before, while Troll is an excellent doctor, she brings other amazing skills to Camp as well. She is the best tie-dyer I’ve ever seen, and helps our campers tie-dye hundreds of t-shirts, pants, bandanas and more every summer. Each year Troll livens up special day and campfire by supplying us with amazing costumes from her personal dress-up arsenal. She is also a gifted photographer. She takes hundreds of photos up at camp every summer. Many of the photos you see on our website and in our photo galleries were taken by Troll.

I could go on and on about the many talents Troll brings to Unalayee. But instead I’ll leave you with Troll’s words. She supports Camp because “Unalayee teaches children the perfect combination of freedom and responsibility. There is no freedom without responsibility and Camp shows them this.”

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  • this is a message for Troll: HI!!!! Wow, can’t believe it is all still going. What great memories! My son, wouldn’t you know it, named Lowell, is in the area on a road trip and I was telling him to go visit the Trinity Alps. Don’t know if he could get there, but if he could, would it be cool for him to visit? it would be soon. Otherwise, I am entrenched in the steamy hot east coast, nursing a possibly broken foot but otherwise doing fine. well, would be great to catch up sometime. your friend from long ago, Nora Scarlett

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