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Meet Our Executive Director Sarah Camp

Sarah Camp, Summer Camp DirectorYes, her last name really is Camp. Contrary to popular belief, she didn’t change it just because Camp U has been such a big part of her family. By happy coincidence, it has been her family name for generations. “It’s really just serendipitous that my last name is what I want to dedicate my life to.”

While some believe Sarah was born at Unalayee, that’s not quite true. She actually first came to Camp’s Trinity Alps basin at the tender age of 3 months. Her parents, James and Jessie Camp, who came to Unalayee in 1969 and 1980 respectively, met at camp. They haven’t missed a summer since.  You can bet they weren’t going to let their firstborn miss a summer either. Which she hasn’t.  The same goes for her younger brother, Galen. The Camps really are the quintessential “Camp Family.”

Camp Family

The Camp Family at Unalayee

Until age ten Sarah was one of Unalayee’s infamous “central brats,” one of several grubby and very happy little kids who got to play in the creek-side meadows by Camp’s central area. For the next seven years she came back as an enthusiastic camper and CIT. She went on to become a staff member at 18 and has now done just about every job one can do at camp except director: in addition to being a normal tribe counselor she’s led our trail tribe programs, repeatedly served as Program Director, been the leader for our Counselor in Training program, and, for the last two years, been the assistant director of our July Family Days program.  During the off-season she has volunteered as a member of our Board of Directors and has helped organize multiple fundraising and reunion events. In 2011 she became our Community Engagement Coordinator and outreach specialist. In 2013 she became one of our co-Executive Directors, and in the fall of 2014 became the organization’s sole Director. Sarah is thrilled that she is able to bring this unparalleled experience with Unalayee and our community to the Director position.

That said, Sarah has found time for a life outside of Camp.  She attended the University of California at Santa Cruz where she received her BA in Linguistics and Spanish, after studying in Spain for a year. She’s also worked for Fieldguides Inc. for many years, leading outdoor education programs for elementary and middle school children in California State Parks. She is an avid traveler and outdoor explorer who spends any chance she gets out of doors exploring our amazing planet.

In the end, 

Camp Unalayee is a life long endeavor for Sarah Camp.  She fully intends to never miss a single summer.  In her words: “Unalayee is so much more than a summer camp for kids to me.  It is my Community.  It is my Family.  It is my Home.  Without Unalayee, I wouldn’t be me.”

2 comments to Meet Our Executive Director Sarah Camp

  • Curtis Koppel

    As a friend and member of Unalayee for over forty years now, I have shared the joy of knowing ‘old man camp’ all of these wonderful years. Your amazing Camp family continues to make our ‘Place of Friends’ the absolute best summer camp for kids in this lifetime. Sarah, I too never want to miss a summer at Camp Unalayee.

  • Bryce Harbert

    Unalayee is the Best! The Camp family is all incredible and you could not ask for a better person to be the outreach specialist for Unalayee.

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