2016 January/February Newsletter

Snowy Mosquito Lake

The start of 2016 means good things for Unalayee! . . . → Read More: 2016 January/February Newsletter

Meet Board of Directors President Jessica Duvall

Jessie Duvall

A former Unalayee counselor, long-time overnight camp enthusiast, and now pediatrician… Meet our Board of Directors President. . . . → Read More: Meet Board of Directors President Jessica Duvall

Meet Board of Directors Secretary Tom Buoye

Tom hard at work At Camp

Since he first stepped foot in the Mosquito Lake Basin 40 years ago, Tom has been dedicated to our Camp for kids and making sure it’s run as safely and efficiently as possible. . . . → Read More: Meet Board of Directors Secretary Tom Buoye

Meet Board of Directors Member Jacob Rinaldi

Jacob Rinaldi

Our resident Nueroscientist, Jacob’s real value on the Unalayee Board comes from his passion for our remote and wild places and the positive impact they have on our world’s youth. . . . → Read More: Meet Board of Directors Member Jacob Rinaldi

2015 September/October Newsletter


Thank you for a fantastic summer camp season! 2015 is a wrap and we want to know if you think it was as great as we do! . . . → Read More: 2015 September/October Newsletter

2015 May/June Newsletter

Mosquito Lake

The final sprint to summer is on! 42 Days till 1st Session starts! . . . → Read More: 2015 May/June Newsletter

The Kuttner/Mason Campership Fund

John "Moose" Mason

We are ecstatic to introduce the Kuttner/Mason Campershership Fund which has been created to honor the memory of Guy Kuttner and John Mason, their values, and the contribution they made as inspirational environmental educators to the world . . . → Read More: The Kuttner/Mason Campership Fund

Maya's Camp Unalayee Experience


Since her aunt introduced her to Unalayee as a young child, Camp has been a special place where Maya can get away from city life. Read about her experience in her own words…. . . . → Read More: Maya’s Camp Unalayee Experience

2015 March/April Newsletter

Radonich Ranch

We’re hoping to see you this spring and summer!…Learn about the many ways to be part of the Camp Unalayee Family! . . . → Read More: 2015 March/April Newsletter

2015 Raffle!


Like winning prizes AND supporting youth in the wilderness at summer camp? We’ve got the thing for you! . . . → Read More: 2015 Raffle!