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Walkabout I

High Route

Traversing part of the Trinity Alps High Route between Grizzly and Mirror

For the first time ever in the history of Camp Unalayee we will be leading the Trinity Alps High Route Walkabout! The Trinity Alps High Route is a mostly cross country route in an area known as the Whites or Caribous. The route traverses through the highest lakes, ridges and peaks in the Trinity Alps Wilderness.  This journey will be challenging! But oh so rewarding. The trip will include 28 to 30 days in the back country. We will get two food drops. We plan on hiking to the summits of Thompson Peak, Gibson Peak and Mt. Hilton.  


Mirror Lake, one of the many spectacular destinations on Walkabout I


This is a unique opportunity to gain confidence and skills in the wilderness with an amazing group of peers. We will work together to navigate with and without trails, cook over fires, learn flora and fauna, carry everything we need on our backs, read the stars, tell stories, and make animal traps. We will all work to keep each others spirits lifted as we hike up steep slopes and across rocky terrain. We will also enjoy swimming in gorgeous lakes, glissading down glaciers, snowball fights, music inspired by lofty peaks, lots of laughter, and probably some movie reenactments. 

The Fearless Leaders:

Nicco TysonNicco Tyson

I spend most of my year as a professional musician in San Francisco but I leave my summers open to work for Unalayee. The Unalayee summer experience is as valuable now after 10 years on staff as it was to me as a camper. There is no better place to recharge, ground, and explore yourself than by exploring the surrounding wilderness. I love to lead hikes on the wild side; making time for closer exploration of nature, night hiking, offering solos, and of course creating lots of music. I also like to get rid of watches out on the trail and choose to experience time in rhythm rather than early or late.

TlalocTlaloc Moctezuma Burns

I am a Mexican-american human that was raised in an adobe house with organic agriculture in a forest in the valley of Mexico. From a young age I have felt a deep connection with nature and have dedicated my life to deepening that connection. I work with organic agriculture and bio-construction, and I’m also getting pretty good at slack-lining. In 2013 I went to Unalayee for the first time and went on an awesome wild tribe that changed my life. There was something very empowering about getting away from the industrial world and immersing in nature for 11 days. Being such an important step in my life, I am excited to share this experience with other kids for a full month! And yes, I will bring a slack-line!! 

Dates: Sunday June 25th – Wednesday July 26th, 32 days, spanning Unalayee’s 1st and 2nd sessions. Do these dates not work for you? Check out Walkabout II!

Rate: $4100 (Financial Assistance available)

Enrollment Deadline: May 15th, 2017. Space is strictly limited to eight campers, so sign up early! (Walkabout must reach a 5 camper enrollment to run).

Enrollment Limitations: Ages 13-17. Previous backpacking experience required.

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