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Walkabout II

WalkaboutWalkabout is the ultimate adventure. The program spans two 15-day sessions and the three days in between, giving participants almost a full month to be “on the trail,” exploring the glacial valleys and rocky peaks of the Trinity Alps Wilderness. With all that time to spend out in the wild, campers build lasting bonds with each other and achieve impressive physical feats. They re-emerge with a developed sense of self, a sharpened set of survival skills, and a whole bunch of stories.

Grizzly Falls

Grizzly Falls, with Thompson Peak in the background (the highest peak in the Trinity Alps) is one of the destinations for Walkabout

Dion and Travis have planned an itinerary through the steepest, tallest, and most scenic sections of the Trinity Alps, reaching many miles away from Unalayee’s Mosquito Lake base camp. Many of the routes and destinations will be off of established trails, where the terrain is challenging. For the non-hiking times, they’ll be swimming in lakes, playing epic card games, watching sunsets, playing music, cooking trail meals more delicious than previously thought possible, solving riddles, drinking fresh mountain spring water, and having more fun than anyone else in the whole wide land.


The Fearless Leaders:
Travis WinterTravis Winter

My first experience at Camp Unalayee was back in 2001, when I was a wide-eyed 12-year-old, in awe of the steep topography, dense forests, and glassy lakes of the Trinity Alps. Fifteen years later, after 9 years on staff, I love the wilderness immersion and sense of community at Unalayee as much as I did then. I teach ski lessons in the winter and am a huge fan of facilitating epic, fun, and life-changing experiences with the aid of mother nature herself. I pride myself in my knowledge of the area’s hidden gems, and in my ability to convince children that my trail cooking is palatable. My primary goal as a counselor, aside from ensuring safety, is to maximize fun.

DionDion Shaughnessy

This will be my third summer as a Camp Unalayee Counselor, and my eighth year as part of the camp community. Being a part of this organization has been one of the most important parts of my life and growth as a person. There is not a whole lot I love more then relaxing and teaching campers card games, but I also am passionate about spreading the kinds of wilderness experiences that I have valued, whether those are swimming, navigation, music, or summiting sweet mountains.


Dates: Wednesday July 12th – Saturday August 12th, 32 days, spanning Unalayee’s 2nd and 3rd sessions. Do these dates not work for you? Check out Walkabout I!

Rate: $4100 (Financial Assistance available)

Enrollment Deadline: May 15th, 2017. Space is strictly limited to eight campers, so sign up early! (Walkabout must reach a 5 camper enrollment to run).

Enrollment Limitations: Ages 13-17. Previous backpacking experience required.

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