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Mumi's Unalayee Story

Mumi and Rhiannon

Mumi (on the left) and fellow camper on the Top of Russian Peak in 2015

There is something quite wonderful and transformative about holding everything you need on your back and wanting nothing more than to hike, and to live with joy, and risk, and adventure. Upon realizing this I became frustrated that we live in a world where we are taught that more is better and success is centered around material wealth, when clearly all you need is to surround yourself with what you need and love.

Last year I fell more deeply in love with the Trinity Alp’s, what they showed me, and what my experiences there with my wild Wild tribe taught me. I was shown the intangible, merciless, and magnificent power of the Trinity Alp’s: power to humble me, to revive me, to remind me of what is important. I saw the most brilliant wild flowers, felt the most healing and pristine water, and gazed into the face of the universe. I stood on the tops of mountains with friends I had come to love, and shouted across the world with more joy and wonder than I had thought possible. There is undoubtedly magic in wilderness backpacking, magic that allows your body to burn while your heart and your mind sing a sweet song of love and strength enough to stretch and soar.

Because of Camp Unalayee I’m inspired to live every day with passion and with intentions of love and adventure. Not a single aspect of my life has been untouched by my experiences at camp. Nowhere else in my life am I able to tap into my heart and its purest joys as I can at camp, and nowhere else could I imagine having such connections and experiences with so many incredible, beautiful, and loving people, surrounded by such a magnificent wilderness. My gratitude and wonder is endless and vast.

  • Mumi, Camp Unalayee Camper 2014-2016

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