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Summer Camp Leadership Training

CITs are Role ModelsOur Counselor-in-Training (CIT) leadership program is for motivated 16 and 17 years olds who want to learn new skills and work with children. CITs train to become outdoor leaders and positive role models in a once-in-a-lifetime wilderness summer camp experience.

Our CIT Leadership Training Program is mandatory in order to become a CIT. It focuses on learning, and being able to demonstrate, wilderness and outdoor living skills. These skills include map and compass, backcountry cooking, shelter building, wilderness first aid, emergency and safety procedures and more. CITs are not only taught these skills, but are required to put them to use when required to be the leaders of their group. In addition, discussion groups and hands-on assignments are used to teach CITs leadership skills. CITs learn about group dynamics, develop their observational and listening skills, practice communication techniques and begin to understand the obligations of leadership.

After successfully completing our CIT Leadership Training Program, participants can enroll in future sessions as an experienced CIT (and get 50% off enrollment!)*. Under the supervision of our experienced staff, CITs assume a more active, responsible role in running camp programs and activities. Similar to student teaching, experienced CITs use feedback from supervisors and focused discussion groups to build their skills and confidence working with children in outdoor settings.

Learning to Play GuitarUnalayee’s CIT Program is rich in personal experience and development. Over the decades it has proven itself by creating generations of successful, safe outdoor leaders. It is designed for young people who want to challenge themselves and become responsible community members. For this year’s CIT Leadership Training Program dates, see the schedule below.

“Camp Unalayee has been a life-changing experience for our daughter.  There, in the Trinity Alps, she found herself.  She has made life-long friends from all over the United States.  Having the opportunity to serve as a CIT has been incredibly fulfilling for her – she has grown so much by nurturing others.  We could not imagine her life without Unalayee.  She’s learned more at camp than all four years at high school – and she attends a very good high school!”

2017 CIT Leadership Training Program Dates:

Session 1 June 26 – July 10 New CIT Leadership Training Program


Experienced CITs  (Last Year CITs Only)

Session 2 July 13 – July 27 Experienced CITs
Session 3 July 30 – Aug. 13 Experienced CITs

* Please note that CITs returning as experienced CITs after completing the Leadership Training Program, must leave camp during the intersession between sessions. 

Enroll in CIT Leadership Training

Leadership Training Awards: After completing our CIT Leadership Training Program, all experienced CITs enroll for 50% off all session fees. 17-year olds who completed CIT training at age 16 can attend any (or all!) sessions at half-price. Be at camp all summer while learning to become a camp counselor! – Does not apply to Walkabout program.