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Camp Unalayee welcomes summertime visits by members of our community. We extend a warm welcome to visitors, and believe that the ongoing involvement of community members is a unique and treasured tradition that contributes meaningfully to the lives of campers, staff, volunteers, and visitors, as well as to the Camp environment and property.

In order to ensure that when camp is in session all of our resources are focused on our campers, we can only welcome a limited number of visitors to Camp at anyone time. If you’d like to visit Unalayee please contact us as soon as you can. 

Prior to June 10th please contact our Director, Sarah Camp, at or 650-308-4453

After June 10th please contact Claudia Gludt at our office at or 650-969-6313


Some important things to remember about visiting during a session:

  • Visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • We may need to ask you to visit on different dates than requested for a variety of reasons
  • Visitors are generally asked to stay no more than 2-nights
  • Visitors should notify the Camp Unalayee Office and/or Director of their intention to visit the camp prior to visiting, and as early as possible
  • Visitors are expected to walk into camp with their personal belongings. If there is a town run scheduled for the day of your visit we will do all we can to coordinate with you and give you a ride
  • Visitors are expected to participate in basic chores and work duties while in camp
  • A suggested minimum donation of $20 per night per person for visitors over age 14 and $10 per day for children under 14 is requested

Once you let us know when you’d like to visit, we’ll make sure you have all the rules and info about visiting, but you can also view the full Camp Unalayee Visitor Policy at your convenience.

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